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Command Of Your Costs And Calls

There's NEVER a charge for Leads!

You select the county(ies) you wish to have veterinarian leads exclusively sent to you, by telephone and by form submission from the website.

Fixed Cost On Leads

With 1-800-Pet-Vets there's no surprises on cost. Cost is calculated up front based on counties and NOT on leads. Regardless of the number of leads, you will never be charged for a single one.

  • Pay For Only The County or Counties You Want – choose “exactly” which county or counties you want to receive leads from. Leads from these areas are always exclusively sent to you either by telephone or by form submission from the website.
  • No Hidden Costs. - Pay ONLY the county cost. There is only a monthly fee for the county or counties you select and these costs are based on population size.  Counties with a population of 25,000-200,000 are only $20/month regardless of how many calls come in.

See the rate chart.

Flexibility And Follow Up

Have Your Calls Directed Where You Want  - Everyone who sends in a “request a quote form” or dials 1-800-Pet-Vets from the county or counties you elect is directed right to your business.  If you have more than one office or location within different counties, leads can be routed to your preference.

Call Recording Gives You An Edge

It's important to follow up on calls so we give you the ability to listen to all leads for the last 60 days.  As a member of 1-800-Pet-Vets, you will be given a private login to the site so you can listen to incoming calls.  This gives you an opportunity to analyze and adjust your responses to calls and turn every lead into a new client.

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