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Frequently Asked Questions

Would my business have absolutely exclusive use of the 1-800-Pet-Vets phone number?

With membership in the 1-800-Pet-Vets program, you would have exclusive use of the 1-800-Pet-Vets phone number within the counties that you choose. You may choose as many counties as you wish. Every phone call originating in any of those counties will ring immediately to the terminating phone number that you designate. This easy to remember phone number is designed to generate the maximum number of leads for your business.

Is the subscription period for 1-800-Pet-Vets a long term commitment?

The subscription period for 1-800-Pet-Vets is never a long term commitment. Our membership is by the month, and it will automatically renew at the beginning of each month. We believe the number and the quality of your leads will be so satisfying that you will never want to leave1-800-Pet-Vets.

How would I unsubscribe from the 1-800-Pet-Vets system?

If you should ever choose to leave 1-800-Pet-Vets, we have made it very simple. All you would have to do is to notify us fourteen days prior to the end of the month, giving us time to deactivate your account, remove you from our website, and no longer forward leads to you.

Each month, how will my bill be determined?

There is never a question with 1-800-Pet-Vets as to what your monthly bill will be. Once the initial activation fee of $79.00 is paid, your monthly charge will be based on how many counties you have chosen, and the population of each of those counties. You can choose as many counties as you can service. Some county fees start at only $5.00 a month. Most counties are between $10.00 and $20.00 a month.

Is the 1-800-Pet-Vets system mobile phone friendly?

1-800-Pet-Vets can forward calls from perspective clients to either landlines or to cell phones. It is completely up to the member. Once you have given us the initial terminating number, all lead calls will be connected to that number. The terminating number can be changed at any time, without charge, if you find that a change needs to be made.

What other charges should I expect if I join the 1-800-Pet-Vets program?

You will never receive “Add-on” charges with 1-800-Pet-Vets. The monthly fee that has been agreed upon at the beginning is the amount that will be charged each month no matter how many leads you receive.

Will I experience sharp increases in my monthly bill after a couple of months?

The only time that your monthly bill will ever change is at the end of each year that you remain a member. At that time, monthly fees could be adjusted upward, but never more than 8%. For example, a monthly $25.00 bill this year might increase by $2.00 the next year.

What would be the best way of paying my monthly bill?

All of our members are billed monthly on their credit cards. The cost is the same each month. This auto-payment assures our members of receiving a continuous supply of quality leads without interruption.

Would I be solely responsible for tracking the leads, or does your 1-800-Pet-Vets system help to do that?

1-800-Pet-Vets suggest that each member determines a convenient way to track the leads received through our system. As a back-up, however, we will forward to you all emails that we receive requesting services. In addition, you can log into our system and access your previous calls for a period of sixty days. During that time, you will be able to see the phone numbers, and listen again to those calls.

Is my 1-800-Pet-Vets phone number available to be used in my other advertising?

The 1-800-Pet-Vets vanity number should be an important part of your advertising, and should always be included in radio, television, print advertising, websites, social media and just about every marketing venture. The easily remembered number will soon become closely aligned with your business, and will help customers identify with you.

Do I own the 1-800-Pet-Vets number, and can I treat it as an asset for my business?

Although you will never own the number outright, as long as monthly payments are made, the 1-800-Pet-Vets number can be considered a vital part of your business. If you were to sell the business, the number is an asset as it will have a great identity value to any future owner. Either you or the new owner can contact us to make the transition. Please encourage your buyer to continue generating fantastic leads through the 1-800-Pet-Vets system! 

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