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Tele-Name Communications -  Leading The Pack For Decades

In the early '90's, having a toll-free number shifted from an advantage enjoyed by major players to a necessity for companies operating on a regional level. This caused an explosion in the demand for 800-numbers. The internet and cell phones changed business communication, and toll-free numbers remain a symbol of professionalism and establishment. 

Tele-Name Communications, Inc. has been and continues to be at the forefront of vanity number marketing.  Since 1992, we've helped thousands of companies in all walks of business succeed with our programs.  Today, we are one of the leading vanity number and lead generation companies in North America.  Our target marketing and lead generation divisions can help you to reach more consumers and grow your  profits through our memorable 1-800 numbers. Call us today at 1-800-On Target to learn more.

  • Highly-memorable vanity numbers that are perfect fits for your business or industry.
  • “Shared-use websites” that are search engine optimized to help consumers discover your business while browsing the web.
  • Easy to view smartphone site with mobile “click-to-call” responsiveness.
  • Fixed-cost on leads regardless of the number that come in. 
  • Complete exclusivity of the vanity number in your area to cut out competition.

Contact Us

1-800-On Target (800-668-2743)

Email: sales@telename.com

Tele-Name Communications, Inc.
7037 Professional Parkway
Sarasota, FL 34240



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