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1-800-Pet-Vets FAQ

What To Look For In A Veterinary Service

  • Pay them a visit. You can do this with or without your pet.  Is the environment clean and orderly? Will they give you a tour of the facilities?
  • Professional skills. Does the veterinarian stay abreast of latest developments in the field? Do they employ the latest technologies and practices?
  • Observe how the veterinarian and the staff treat clients and their behavior towards the animals. Does he or she have a willingness to listen, answer questions, and to communicate easily?
  • On treatment, does the veterinarian's explanations, exam findings and treatment make sense to you? Does their advice always center on the well-being of the animal?
  • Trust your gut feeling and your pet's response.  Don’t be taken in simply by a good bedside manner if your instincts tell you something different.
  • Ask questions. Are the clinic's office hours compatible with yours? How do they handle after-hours emergencies – do they see your pet or will you referred to an emergency clinic? Do they accept your preferred form of payment? If you have pet insurance, do they accept that plan?
  • Love of animals. Overall, does the veterinarian have animals? Is he or she comfortable and friendly around your animals and other animals?

Frequently Asked Questions On Veterinary Care

What types of services do veterinarians offer?

Depending on the veterinarian's specific services and area or areas of specialty, they may offer a broad range of services. They may treat small animals, household pets, farm animals, exotic animals or large animals. They may offer emergency veterinary care, animal dentistry, animal surgery, holistic veterinary care, boarding and grooming. It is important to find out what services are offered so you know what to expect and whether they will be able to meet your needs.

Do I need an emergency vet in addition to a regular veterinarian?

This depends on whether or not the veterinarian offers emergency services. If the practice is not open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is important to have the phone number and address of a local emergency vet. If your pet is injured at a time when your vet is not available, it is wise to have an  emergency vet service on record.

How often should I take my dog or cat to the veterinarian?

For dogs, it is advised to have a veterinary check up once a year when they go in for their annual vaccinations.  Dogs with health conditions typically require more visits. Puppies will need a few trips to the veterinarian until they are caught up on their vaccination boosters. As dogs get older, owners may want to come in for a check-ups twice a year.

Most veterinarians agree it's a good idea to get your cat vaccinated yearly. Make sure you get boosters for diabetes and rabies as well. A yearly visit is sufficient unless your cat has a chronic medical condition. In that case, you need to come per the veterinarians recommendation. Older cats may need to be seen twice a year.

When should pets get spayed or neutered?

Cats should be spayed between 5-8 months or neutered between 4 -8 months. Most pet owners opt to get their cats spayed or neutered around six months.
Dogs should be spayed or neutered between 5-6 months. This is when their reproductive organs are still small and they haven't yet reached puberty.

Is it important to get my pet spayed or neutered?

Cats that have been spayed and neutered typically live longer and healthier lives. Spaying reduces the risk of certain diseases, such as uterine and ovarian cancer. Neutering reduces the risk of testicular cancer and prostate problems. Animals that are spayed/neutered tend to be less aggressive and have fewer behavior problems. Irresponsible breeding leads to unwanted puppies and kittens which often end up in dire situations.

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