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1-800-Pet-Vets is an association of independent veterinarians that provide the highest level of care and service throughout the United States.

  • Each veterinarian business meets strict professional standards in order to become selected for 1-800-Pet-Vets.
  • You will be connected with only the top veterinary professional in your area with a proven track record of pet owner satisfaction.
  • With 1-800-Pet-Vets, you will never be bombarded with solicitation calls from a slew of other veterinary services.

Trusted, Trained, Qualified And Guaranteed

Veterinarians on 1-800-Pet-Vets are chosen with the same criteria that you would use when looking for services that are essential to your pet's health and well-being. Think about what is important to you. Convenient location, office hours, payment options and the range of services are all important factors in finding a good veterinarian. Above all, a good veterinarian must have commitment and compassion for animals. When we connect you with one of our veterinarians, you can feel confident that you are dealing with an absolute professionals that has a proven track record.




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